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Alec Cooper, tenor sax & clarinet

    Alec Cooper (saxophone and clarinet) is currently a band director in Novi, MI. After graduating from Huron High School in Ann Arbor, Alec earned his Bachelors of Music Education in 2004 from Eastern Michigan University. Since then, he has performed with Rampage Swing, Third Coast Kings, ii-V-I Orchestra, and the Temptations.

Meet The Band

Brian Einstein Lassiter - Bandleader, Alto & Bari Sax

Robin Lassonde - Artistic Conslutant

Brad McNett - Vocals

Tracy Jaffe - Vocals

Ryan Dolan - Trumpet

Alec Cooper - Tenor Sax & Clarinet

Terry "TKO" Kimura - Trombone

Tyler Driskill - Piano

Jordan Schug - Bass

Van Hunsburger - Drums

Special Guests