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Friends of Rampage

Rampage Swing has made many friends over the years--check them out!

Third Coast Kings - Deep Funk featuring the Rampage Horns.
Paul Keller Orchestra - Big Band Jazz featuring members of Rampage Swing.
JAZDance - Swing dance instructors Jesse and Zach.
Ångstrom Engineering - Rampage Swing's favorite thin film deposition equipment supplier.

Local Dance Links

There's all sorts of great dancing going on in the Ann Arbor-Detroit Metro area:

Swing Ann Arbor - UM's swing dance club, with dancing every Wednesday.
AACTMAD - Hosts of Friday night swing and other great events.
Pirate Swing - A weekend of lindy and blues workshops/dances in Ann Arbor. Typically in Marrrch.
KissME - Keep It Simple and Swing Michigan Exchange. Typically in July.
Swing Detroit - Organizers of many events including DetLX.